The Pohnpei Dive Club

Pohnpei is the forgotten dive destination in Micronesia.

With a large lagoon and vast number of passes divers can always have their pick of day dive. Each pass you have a chance to seeing sharks, manta rays, schools of trevallies and barracuda along with other schooling reef fish.

Pohnpei is a laid back diving destination. Lots of passes, drop offs and the outer atolls and best of all, hardly any divers in the water. For most of our dives, your small group will be the only one you will see out there. Not to mention top-notch world-class diving at the outer atolls, with many places to dive a short 10 minute boat cruise away. July through early November are the best times to visit Pohnpei for diving, with light or no winds, calm seas and easy access to most dive spots. During the other months of the year, we mostly dive the north and west sides of the island (leeward side) for the best conditions.

The Pohnpei Dive Breakdown

Save a dive day for Marine Protected Area, Ant Atoll.  On an incoming tide divers will get treated to a drift dive paradise.  Slowly drifting through the winding channel marine life clings and hangs to the sides of the walls creating new colorful mosaic from hard and soft coral.  Divers find mixed species of schooling fish around each bend while sharks patrol, ending the dive near a manta ray cleaning station.    In between dive enjoy siting on white sandy beaches for lunch, or taking a stroll along the shore, you might even play a game of checkers with guards stationed there to protect the MPA.

For more information on diving with us while in Pohnpei, please e-mail us at or call us at 691 320 7845.

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Thank you, Allois

As of today, we have three boats in operation. From 30 to 33 ft long, all fiberglass and mostly Honda latest generation outboard motors. We total more than 800 hp in our fleet. Our boats are ideal for rides in the lagoon, to the surf, shallow and deep water, with an average speed of 25 to 30 mph under good conditions. We do take pride in our fleet of boats to make sure you have a safe and comfortable ride.

The Pohnpei manta ray population has over a 100 different individuals but is thought to be much larger.  So far 40% are black morphs manta rays nicknamed the Pohnpei black beauties.  Black morph manta rays are just a different coloration all black with individual unique white pattern blotches on their bellies.  Local legends claim they are the gatekeepers and guardians of the ancient ruins of Nam Madol.   This legend might have started due to the third cleaning station located on the reef just outside the entrance of Nam Madol.   Interactions with manta rays at this site are more frequently with Pohnpei black beauties/ black morph manta rays.