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Getting ready for season 2015/16 in Pohnpei at the Pohnpei Surf Club.

Fishing is not bad and we won a few tournaments.

It does get big one to two times a season but if you cant handle the big surf, it is usually really good on the way up and down, not to mention it only stays big for a day or two which at time….we know of some other waves that get beyond good.


And there are the occasional other spots no one else ever goes but us.


There is the occasional left.


Most swells in Pohnpei are around this and smaller but always as blue as it gets.

They say Pohnpei is windy. Probably less than Hawaii or Fiji. Then Palikir handles the trade winds better then any wave you can think of as it wraps 90* into the wind. And then comes days like this.

The water is super clear!

The Sand Bar at Ant.


We are already looking at the Pohnpei Surf Season 2015/16!

After a successful season we are already looking forward the arrival of fall and the first swells from the north again.

Our new location is working very well and being up graded. Food is delivered to your room before any other restaurant in Pohnpei is even open. The most reliable fleet of boats on island is running great and our staff always there to help you.

Prices for season 2015/16 are the same starting at USD$199.00 a night for a oceanfront double, shared rooms with a great view, AC, TV, Wi-Fi, fridge, phone, transfers, tours, fishing trips, all boat rides, SUPS to cruise the mangrove channels and some other camp equipment and that cooler full of cold coconuts!

For us Pohnpei starts with the surf but this island has a lot more adventure to offer for those looking for a complete island experience.

“The best vacation of our lives” is something we have heard about a few times.

One important note regarding booking Pohnpei is to book early. Rooms and flights are limited. For a USD$500 deposit you can lock in and make sure your spot is saved on the best destination for the North Pacific winter.

For more information please contact us at pscsurfclub@yahoo.com

Thanks. Allois


Some good waves.


We do take pride on our fleet. For sure, you wont get stranded. For sure the safest and most comfortable ride on island plus a fleet of back up boat that will guarantee that you get to the surf early and always back in time for the cold beer.


One hundred meters from our office stands the best supplied bar on island.


You have to be there to understand what this place is really like.


The best hang out in Pohnpei? The Pohnpei Surf Club office, and the bar is just a dew feet away.


The accommodation. It does not get better in Pohnpei.


Ant Atoll is the best option for the no surf days while in Pohnpei.



More swells on the way for Pohnpei.

The usual and unusual spots will go off. I need some friends to surf with as there is no one around. Allois

19 feet at 12 seconds is a lot of swell. The usual and other spots will go off. We know where to go….

Tons of swell on the way to Pohnpei as 02/12/2015

Back to back to back swells filling in from mid February and on.

Swells from head high to double overhead and good winds.


Winds looking really good as well. Only 8 surfers booked as today.

Pohnpei Blues.

Underwater P-Pass.

The perfect bottom turn. Looks a lot easier then it really is.

Summer time Jewell.

Early February 2015 i Pohnpei.

Do you think the waves look good above water? Check bellow.

Luke by Rich.

Underwater yoga anyone? Marcela by Gil.

Pohnpei Fishing Club tournament soon!

Fishing has not been bad. Next tournament, Feb 21st.

Other sides of Pohnpei.

Yes, a bit more to Pohnpei then only surfing.

Nan Madol

January Swells

Fishing isn’t bad either.

A day at Ant Atoll is something you have to experience to understand.

Season 2014/15 at the Pohnpei Surf Club. Pohnpei, Micronesia.

January was an awesome month!

It is not always like this but there were quite a few good days lately.

This one I found on line. I think it is Ted Grambeau.

Pohnpei, better than ever.

The weather has been amazing, the hotel brand new and a better deal for you money. At the Pohnpei Surf Club you not only get the best package deal for your Pohnpei vacation but also the best service and equipments to explore the island. Season 2014/15 has very few surfers booked. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find wave like this with so few surfers. For divers, your boat will be the only one you will see out there. For us it is work but it feels like a never ending vacation. Come join us for the ride!

Fishing has not been bad either.

Season 2014/15 first swells have arrived as good as it gets.

The brand new accommodation.

Sunsets are ok!

The view from the marina where we dock our boats towards the hotel.

The Bay Bar is the new place to hang out in Pohnpei.

As waterfront as it gets! You can feed the fish bellow your rooms!

November 2014. Mark. All pictures by Swilly.

Just going from point A to B can be the highlight of your day.

Ahnd Atoll. One of the most beautiful place you will ever be.

Pohnpei Rush Hour.