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Pohnpei Life. April 2015.

Pohnpei life is not bad. I wont change anything anytime soon.

Mermaid Waters.

Valentina going for swim.

Pohnpei Surf Club on the Surfing Life Travel Bible on-line edition. Pictures, videos, info.


Pohnpei Life.

Pohnpei, early April 2015.

The Pohnpei Surf Club ASL Travel Bible is out!

The ASL Travel Bible. Pohnpei Surf Club. Check their website for videos and more pictures.


Mid March Pohnpei.

As clean as it gets, it was.

A few ex-pats living on island where around for the afternoon session…that’s it.

Looks like good weather and calm winds for the next week or two. Not much surf right away but sure it is still going to come. Fishing tournament next weekend, on the 21st. will keep us busy.

A large tropical depression formed east of Pohnpei sending us swells and killing the winds after a few days of stormy north winds weather.

Getting ready for season 2015/16 in Pohnpei at the Pohnpei Surf Club.

Another windy day.

Anything from the north works at Palikir. A bit of east or west is good. Too much west (340 or less) and it starts going to fast, almost closing out. To much east (20 or more) it starts missing the reef unless it is a really big east swell. Wind from the NE (lighter the better, east, south to south east. Light south west are good but if they get stronger it starts blowing from the channel sideways into the face creating chop. Pretty much ant wind from NE to SSW will go it.


And one more fun, crystal clear, head high and round green barrel.


Small day and wide barrels.


This is what we call fish tank conditions and yes, you do see the fish swimming bellow as you wait for the sets Small days are as fun and as perfect as it gets.

Solo sessions at the pass are not unusual. Before and after peak season, December, January and February Pohnpei see’s hardly any surfers.

It is not all about the top to bottom barrels. Lot’s of relaxing and enjoyable moments on smaller days.

The definition of perfection.


And the occasional left can also get really good.


We are already looking at the Pohnpei Surf Season 2015/16!

After a successful season we are already looking forward the arrival of fall and the first swells from the north again.

Our new location is working very well and being up graded. Food is delivered to your room before any other restaurant in Pohnpei is even open. The most reliable fleet of boats on island is running great and our staff always there to help you.

Prices for season 2015/16 are the same starting at USD$199.00 a night for a oceanfront double, shared rooms with a great view, AC, TV, Wi-Fi, fridge, phone, transfers, tours, fishing trips, all boat rides, SUPS to cruise the mangrove channels, some other camp equipment and that cooler full of cold coconuts!

For us Pohnpei starts with the surf but this island has a lot more adventure to offer for those looking for a complete island experience.

“The best vacation of our lives” is something we have heard about a few times.

One important note regarding booking Pohnpei is to book early. Rooms and flights are limited. For a USD$500 deposit you can lock in and make sure your spot is saved on the best destination for the North Pacific winter.

For more information please contact us at pscsurfclub@yahoo.com

Thanks. Allois


Yes, this wave is amazing and it is not Palikir. Probably even more perfect but surfed only on the biggest days of the year. One of ours well kept secret.

The one thing about surfing in Pohnpei is that a day like this could come at any time between September and April. On this day there were no more then 10 surfers on the entire island.

This is the size on most swells at P-Pass on a “as perfect as it get’s day”.



Paddling over the shallow reefs, around the hotel area or Nan Madol is always a good pass time between sets.

Like all other surf destination it does rain, gets windy, goes flat. For those days we have plenty other things to do, but then comes days like this and we can guarantee they will be the best in your life’s.


Noting beats the end of a good day of surfing in good company.

If you cant surf it, at least it is entertaining to watch, and the surf should be smaller the next day anyways.

from the rooms you can see the boats coming and going. From the boat you can see who is at the bar (not on this picture but to the left of it).

Tom from Kauai riding a 9’6 by 24″ or something like that. At this size you can ride any kind of board at Palikr, off course, based on your abilities.

I don’t think we can ad anything to this picture, not even in thought.

And then there are the big days a few times a year. Pictured here Luke from Byron Bay on the best day we say this season.

Fishing is fishing but it gets good at times, I guess better than most places when it is on. We like fishing.


Just around the corner from the hotel there is a one mile mangrove channel. On the other side one of this the water is clear, the coral alive and the winds sheltered. SUP’s are free to use for our guests.


Did I mention the water is clear? Yes. Did I mention you can surf P-Pass at any time? For most 3 to 6 ft days there is no waiting for tides like Indo.


Wife’s and girlfriends do have fun in Pohnpei, but if she is the kind of lady who enjoys high end shopping, malls and drinks by the pool Pohnpei might not be the exact place for her vacations. The adventures ones, love it.


Yes, Pohnpei does get windy like more surf destinations but there are no kiters or windsurfers here like Fiji, Tahiti or Hawaii, mostly because of not enough windy days. Than Palikir can handle the wind very well, and finally, there are lot’s of unreal clean days.


Another view of one of the 7 rooms.


If you are looking at a reliable operation that will maximize your water time you are looking at it. Efficient crew, well taken care boats and more back up boats at a minutes notice. You are in good hands.

The drinking water you drink could not be more clear than this. We don’t know if it is the most clear water in the world but it’s up there for sure. Scuba diving or snorkeling on most places we surf is amazing.

Did we already mention the rooms are brand new, with 2 queen beds, AC, TV, phone, Wi-Fi (free for our guests), small fridge and a deck looking above the water? I guess we have a few times.


Just to ad to everything good Pohnpei has to offer, our location is awesome. Right in the middle of all the good things Pohnpe has to offer, walking or a short taxi ride to bars, restaurants and shops, not to mention steps from the water and our boats. Detail, only 7 rooms. Book early!


At this size you cant beat P-Pass perfection. From two to 5 feet it is as perfect and as easy as it gets.


We have so many pictures from last season we don’t even know where to start when it comes to select the best.



And there are the occasional other spots no one else ever goes but us.



Most swells in Pohnpei are around this and smaller but always as blue as it gets.

The water is super clear!

The Sand Bar at Ant.


Micronesia has some of the best waves in the world and Pohnpei has by far the best one in Micronesia. Expect warm, crystal clear water, with perfect powerful waves. In Pohnpei, waves break far from the beach, similar to Tahiti or Fiji, either on the barrier reef or near a reef pass. It is not possible to check the surf from shore, so the only way to get to the waves is by boat. Most of the swells that reach Pohnpei are generated by North Pacific winter storms (does not necessarily have the same swell window as Hawaii) and from typhoons in the Western Pacific. Pohnpei surf season goes from early September thru early May. Up to four feet, the waves on Pohnpei are user-friendly. Once the surf gets bigger, you enter another level of surfing. Late take-off’s, fast down-the-line rides, and hollow barrels are what you will find.

The Pohnpei Surf Break Down

No, Pohnpei is not always 8 to 10 ft with top to bottom barrels and pro surfers like you see on surf magazines. Those days do happen 2 to 5 times depending on the year.

On most days during our surf season the Pohnpei surf scene is comprised of around 20 laid back surfers on the whole island. During the off season you will be lucky to find someone to surf with at one of the off season spots or on a odd day at P-Pass.

Most swells that hit Pohnpei are from the north with size ranging from 2 to 6 feet. At this size P-Pass and most of the other waves in Pohnpei are for the intermediate to advance level. On a 2 to 3 ft day and a high tide P-Pass is a very easy and friendly wave to ride.

Ninety per cent of the waves surfed in Pohnpei are located on reef passes. The other waves are all located on bends on the barrier reef. Because there’s no way of checking these waves except by boat, and in most cases by leaving another perfect wave, these reef bends are hardly ever surfed.

There are no beach breaks or waves breaking close to the island in Pohnpei. All waves in Pohnpei break on the barrier reef and do require a boat ride.

The weather is always hot. The only time you might feel cold is during a rain squall or when the boat is moving. Bring a rain jacket for these days and lots of sun protection for when it is not raining. The ocean water is always warm, around 80+ degrees.

Pohnpei is heaven on earth for surfers and one of the friendliest places to surf in the world. It’s a little bit far from it all and expensive to get to, and this is the main reason this beautiful part of the world has been left untouched by tourism and surfers.

North Side

The Surf Season on the north side of Pohnpei is from October through April with occasional swells in September and May.

Winds have a tendency to blow very light and variable from August through December. Trade winds will blow from December until around June or July.

Trades winds are offshore. During every winter there will be a time when the trades will blow stronger then suddenly dying out into perfect conditions for surfing. For most of the time you would not find a place on earth with such perfect wind conditions. Palikir Pass can handle trade winds unless they start blowing too strong or with a lot of north in it.


It’s a perfect right hander. P-Pass is a short for Palikir Pass. Palikir is the name of the area in which this wave is located, a district of Pohnpei.

Palikir Pass is by far the number one wave in the region. Not only perfect but also works under most conditions. The predominant trade winds are always off shore or side shore.

Any swell from the NW to NE will make it work, with a straight north being the best for Palikir Pass. Too much E on the swell and it starts missing the pass (Palikir Pass faces a perfect NW and the wave still has to wrap around and into the pass). Too much W and the wave start to close out on the inside. Anyways, most swells that hit Pohnpei during our surf season are from the north with small variations from the east and west which is the best direction for Palikir Pass. Most swells that hit Pohnpei in the winter range from 2 to 6 feet with occasional bigger days.

On most days Palikir can be surfed at any tide and the reef is a lot more user friendly than Indo, Tahiti or Fiji. There is no reef walking unless you might have to retrieve your lost board on a really low tide day.

Swells here have nothing to do with Hawaii or anywhere else in the Pacific. We are located between Honolulu and Manila and a completely different swell window. We do require the same kind of low pressure systems as Hawaii, but from a different location in the Pacific Ocean.

Under small conditions Palikir Pass is a easy wave for a novice surfer. Once it reaches 5 ft and up you enter a different level of surfing. Even at that size it is a easy and perfect wave to ride with a predictable take off and absolutely perfect wall and sections. On up to a 5 ft day you can ride the wave all the way in until it becomes a 2 ft wave, or you can just ride the first two barrel sections and paddle back for more.

On most days there is no current at Palikir Pass. On some extreme tide days the current can get strong and move towards the channel. The tide variation on Pohnpei goes from 3ft to almost 6 ft on the most extreme tides of the year.

P-Pass holds good all the way to 10 ft (Hawaiian size here!). At this size or bigger, the wave will start doing a double up similar to Shipsterns in Tasmania. Our guest Mark Matthews from Australia called it a tropical Shippies on the biggest day ever surfed.

We have seen a few perfect waves on the 12 ft + range rolling through but to get into one of these waves you would have to be towed in. Days over 10 ft happen as often as the Eddie Aikau contest in Hawaii. Once every few years!

Well, if you don’t like those giant days with lots of pro surfers and photographers around, you won’t see any on most days at P-Pass. As we have mentioned before, on most days you will be living the South Pacific dream setup with a crew of friendly surfers sharing the line up. Because all waves in Pohnpei are perfect, surfers do take turns.

If you want to be part of the friendly crew of surfers that share these line ups, DO NOT BACK PADDLE OR PADDLE AROUND, DON’T DROP IN, and DON’T BE SNEAKY. The wave is perfect and everyone out is polite, so wait your turn, enjoy the ride and come back out for another one.

Palikir Pass has been surfed by the best surfers in the world — by all world champions from the last 15 years (everyone of them), the best female surfers, free surfers, and hundreds of regular surfers like me and you.

At Palikir you can surf at any tide meaning no waiting for the tide or winds to come up. Unless we are on some extreme low tides and powerful swells, we just move a little up the reef. The only time you might walk on the reef is if you lose your board, and most of the time the winds will blow it right to the channel, where the boats can go pick it up.

The main reason why people love and talk about Palikir Pass is because a regular guy can come out here and ride a wave, which at any other break in the world would have dozens, if not hundreds of locals and pros surfers fighting for that same ride. Here you will have a shot at riding a wave you see mostly in a photos or movies, without the hassle you would find at other well known spots around the world. Off course it also always depends on your level of surfing, so stay within it.

For sure, the ride of your life!

Once the north swells are in and the trades are blowing, no one wants to surf anything but Palikir Pass. But there are options on the right days, or for the right surfers. Other waves on the north side will always be bigger the Palikir and very possibly, shallower. On a high tide the Lighthouse can be a fun wave, and the Main Pass always bigger and challenging. To surf the Main Pass you have to make the wave or you might be in for some serious reef walks.

The East side has really fun and perfect waves from August until mid to late December. The West side also has some epic spots and on a giant swell there are other options that can go from a fun escape to the most epic ride of your life. No kidding.

As for most of the other waves in Pohnpei, we hardly see any surfers around as most don’t know about them, or where and when to go. Leave it to us to get you there.

Always make sure to get good travel insurance. 99.9% of our guests have never needed to use it, but for the other 00.1%, it’s a way to get home safe and alive. Be safe and smart when you travel. Get travel insurance!


Some good waves.


We do take pride on our fleet. For sure, you wont get stranded. For sure the safest and most comfortable ride on island plus a fleet of back up boat that will guarantee that you get to the surf early and always back in time for the cold beer.


One hundred meters from our office stands the best supplied bar on island.


You have to be there to understand what this place is really like.


The best hang out in Pohnpei? The Pohnpei Surf Club office, and the bar is just a dew feet away.


The accommodation. It does not get better in Pohnpei.


Ant Atoll is the best option for the no surf days while in Pohnpei.



More swells on the way for Pohnpei.

The usual and unusual spots will go off. I need some friends to surf with as there is no one around. Allois

19 feet at 12 seconds is a lot of swell. The usual and other spots will go off. We know where to go….