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Pohnpei, better than ever.

The weather has been amazing, the hotel brand new and a better deal for you money. At the Pohnpei Surf Club and Mangrove Bay Hotel you not only get the best package deal for your Pohnpei vacation but also the best service and equipments to explore the island. Season 2014/15 has very few surfers booked. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find wave like this with so few surfers. For divers, your boat will be the only one you will see out there. For us it is work but it feels like a never ending vacation. Come join us for the ride!

Fishing has not been bad either.

Season 2014/15 first swells have arrived as good as it gets.

The brand new Mangrove Bay Hotel viewed from Ocean View Hotel.

Sunsets are ok!

The view from the marina where we dock our boats towards the hotel.

Mangrove Bay Bar is the new place to hang out in Pohnpei.

As waterfront as it gets! You can feed the fish bellow your rooms!

November 2014. Mark. All pictures by Swilly.

Just going from point A to B can be the highlight of your day.

Ahnd Atoll. One of the most beautiful place you will ever be.

Pohnpei Rush Hour.


October Swells in Pohnpei.

As good as it gets, and add to it the fact that there was not a soul around to surf it.

Looks like season 2015/15 is on. A series of fun 4 to 6 ft swells from the NNW, N and NE have hit Pohnpei under as good as it gets weather and wind conditions. Our new location is really busy so booking in advance is a must in order to get a room and cheaper flights. Mangrove Bay Hotel has only seven rooms so between surfers, regular business travelers, divers and tourists there is not to much space left for the last minute bookings. There have been very few surfers coming to Pohnpei and as today we are estimating between 6 to 10 surfers staying with us November through late February, peak season, and a lot less visitors for March and April.

It’s on! Season 14/15 first swells marching down to Pohnpei.

Looks like October will be a fun month in Pohnpei, and if you surf, a lot more fun. As today two back to back storms sending 4 to 6 ft swells for the next week or two based on how they move. The pattern is on, winds are good and no surfers around.

For the next two pages of the P-Pass forecast on Surfline looks like a few good days till the end.


Pohnpei Surf Season. Why should you book early?

Season 2014/15 at the Pohnpei Surf Club.
Why should you book early?
Our new location, the brand new Mangrove Bay hotel, bar and Marina has only 7 double rooms.
The hotel is in high demand and rooms are also booked by tourist, divers and businessman at a first come first serve basis.
The upcoming season is promising after an epic south hemisphere season and El Nino conditions building up for the north hemisphere season.
With other non surfer bookings coming in for the period we are guessing we will have an average space for 10 surfer guests at a time which is a very low number for a wave like Palikir.
Over the year the number of surfers in Pohnpei has dropped. We guess the hype is over but the wave remains as good and everything else is just getting better not to mention, United Airlines almost keeps Pohnpei exclusive, so for the few who come something special awaits.
Prices are lower than last season and hard to beat deal in Pohnpei. New hotel, lots of food and bar options, a great staff team, by far the best surf local knowledge, always reliable and safe boats plus an entire fleet of back up boats (you will never get stranded on the hotel or at sea), scuba dive, hike, waterfalls, tours and fish on the flat days. We guarantee everyday activity throughout your Pohnpei visit not to mention the best the best, most stoked bar on island steps from your room.
With the telescope up stairs you can check the surf conditions at first light, a short 7 miles boat ride to Palikir, boat snacks on board or pre order boat lunch delivered to your room with breakfast before 7am. You can even eat it on your way to the surf on the early morning rides.
Yes, a big upgrade from last season for less money and fewer surfers. This is a hard deal to beat in the surfing world. All we can say is Book Early!

You just can’t beat early season conditions.

The new headquarters for the Pohnpei Surf Club is ready at Mangrove Bay Hotel.

Relaxing decks.

The new Pohnpei Surf Club office.

Days off while in Pohnpei are not that bad.

Brand new rooms, beds and furniture looking from the deck.

Best part, our office is just downstairs. Stop by for a coffee.

More days off while in Pohnpei.

View from the deck looking at the northern reefs, sunsets and a quiet lagoon.

TV, AC, Wi-Fi (free off course), walking distance to the bar and boats and breakfast delivered in the room. What else would you want? We probably got it!

The new headquarters for the Pohnpei Surf Club is ready.

Pohnpei Stand Up Padlle Board rentals and tours.

Formiga on the east side of Pohnpei.

There is a lot to be seen in this area and the SUPS are a great option to do it.

Dave at the Lighthouse.

A good half mile down from the main Nan Madol entrance.

Dave Kalama on his Naish at Palikir.

Nan Madol is a lot bigger then you might think. On calm wind days you can paddle almost a mile down the cost between the runs, mangroves, sand bars and lots of sting rays.

Pohnpei has really fun conditions for stand up paddle boarding for all levels. Mangrove channels that goes for ever, inside the lagoon shallow reefs with clear water and abundant marine life, the barrier reefs and then everything together w…ith mangroves and reefs all in the same area, Nan Madol and even a waterfall that can be reached by SUP. The Pohnpei Surf Club offers SUP rentals, lesson and guided tours. For more information please contact us at pscsurfclub@yahoo.com or call (691) 3207845. Pictures by Swilly, Aeder and Formiga.

Getting bored in Pohnpei? Give us a call. We know a thing or two about having fun.

If it wasn’t salty you could drink it.

A small white tip cruising the inside reefs.

East Side of Pohnpei.

Black Coral island on the SW side.

There should be a song called “Jerry the Fisherman”.

Nice waves for boys and girls! Pic by Kotch.

Nice from above, unreal dive spot from bellow.

The best way to get to see Pohnpei. Smiles included. All pictures by Swilly and Brad Golden.

The island of Pohnpei it self does not have beaches, but then weather permitting there are some of the most amazing breaches in the world around the corner.

Lot’s of places to explore. Not a soul in sight.

The Pass.

The Barrier Reef is just around the corner from the Pohnpei Surf Club.

Nahlap on the SW corner of Pohnpei.

That is why we call these drop offs.

Pohnpei from a distant Ant Atoll, from this spot a 30 miles from our dock.

Diving Pohnpei and more. May 2014.

Schooling dog tooth tuna at Palikir.

A nice school of barracudas at Pakin, Pohnpei, Micronesia.

CIA (Caroline Island Airlines) can always take you for a sight seeing flight around Pohnpei or to its outer atolls. Just ask our staff at the Pohnpei Surf Club and will set you up with the CIA crew.

There is Stamp our dive master. After working with The Village hotel for over 20 years he now works for us after their closure. He can be found at the Pohnpei Surf Club for your daily dive needs at any day of the week. Pakin dive 2014.

Arrival into Pohnpei. What a way to start your trip.

Pakin Atoll 30 miles of shore. The Pohnpei Surf Club will take you there.

Even at Yap, one of the great manta ray diving destinations you don’t see any of the all black mantas. This one hangs around Manta Road in Pohnpei on most days.

Another beautiful grouper at Black Coral.

More dog tooth at Palikir. Diving in Pohnpei is very underrated.

Grouper spanning at Black Coral. Pohnpei, MIcronesia.

Lucky for most it is not this big all the time. Great video to watch!