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Pohnpei. Sunday, Janaury 31st.

The forecast wasn’t even showing swell, or 2 ft at 10 seconds from 340* (NW). where gusting in the morning and drop to really good in the afternoon from a good angle as you can see here, or from around 70* ENE. I want even going to report but the waves kept coming….Monday morning and guys are still surfing out there. 3 surfers on island.

Pohnpei. Saturday, Janaury 30th.

Pohnpei. Saturday, January 30th. Believe me or not, 2 ft and 11 seconds from 341* (NNW). Winds 60* (NE) at 20 mph. Danny here by Justin.

Danny, no strike, just pure luck and good timing. A week + of decent surf.

Pohnpei. Friday, Janaury 29th.

Pohnpei. Friday, January 29th. 5 ft at 12 seconds from 335* (NW) and winds at 60* (NE). Danny from Santa Cruz, CA. on the wave of his trip, or of his life. Pic by Kotch.

Danny on the best wave of his trip, maybe of his life.

And finding a clean exit.

Pohnpei. Thursday, Janaury 28th.

Pohnpei, Thursday, Janaury 28th. 6 ft at 14 seconds from 335* (NW). Winds at 20 mph from 50* (NE).

Not bad for 5 guys out.

Last ride of the day. Sean by Kotch.

Pohnpei. Wednesday, Janaury 27th.

Pohnpei. Wednesday, January 27th. 3 ft at 14 seconds from 359 (north). Winds from 40* (NE at 20 mph. The windiest day so far. Horrible conditions. So, we went fishing which wasn’t the best call. The most rough seas I have been in a long time. Swell jumping to solid double overhead for tomorrow.

Day off from surf.

Pohnpei. Janaury 26th, Tuesday.

Pohnpei. Tuesday, January 26th. Swell at 3 ft and 11 seconds from 340* (NNW) and 3 ft and 14 seconds from 359* (North). Winds at 48* (NE) at 20 mph. Dennis by Kotch.


Pohnpei . Janaury 25th, Monday.

Pohnpei. Monday, Janaury 25th. Swell at 4 ft, 12 seconds at 342* (NNW) and 3 ft at 15 seconds at 359* (North). Winds at 60* (ENE) at 20 mph. Dillon


by Kotch.

Pohnpei. Janaury 24th, Sunday.

Pohnpei. Sunday, Janaury 24th. Swell at 5 ft and 12 seconds from 235* (NW) with 20 mph winds from 50* (NE). Moody by Kotch.

Pohnpei. 23rd of January, Saturday.

Pohnpei, Saturday, January 23rd. Swell at 8 ft at 14 from 232* (NW) with 18 mph winds from 60* (ENE). Sean Moore by Kotch.

Peak Season Sale for the Pohnpei surf Club. Lowest rates ever.

Pohnpei Surf Club Peak Season sale.

We still have a few rooms open from now until the end of our surf season. Most other rooms are booked for divers and business guests. Very few surfers in the house for the period.

We have an excellent deal for the last open spots for season 2015/16 from today all the way to April.

Included are accommodation on the best hotel and location in Pohnpei, best fleet of boats on island, all boat transfers to the surf, one fishing trip, one island tour, boat snacks, free internet connection, free use of some equipment (mask, fins, fishing gear, SUPS’s). Everyday activities.

$172.50 for shared rooms

$253 for private rooms

All bookings must be paid in full by January 20th when this offer ends.

Best deal ever to stay and get to know Pohnpei.