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Epic Swell on the way to Pohnpei.

Good winds, perfect direction and sizes for all tastes.

North Pacific filled in.


Sunday, October 25th and it is still pumping out there Monday. Forecasts showing 3 to 4. More like overhead and draining.

Late October. Winds are light, the sun is out and the surf is pumping.

Late evening October 24th.

Underwater Palikir Crater.

Reefs are still in great shape here.

More Nemos.


We do have a healthy shark population.


Cristal clear waters.


Brain Coral.


Summer time is usually the best time for Pohnpei diving.


Another plus….no divers around. For most of the dives our boat will be the only one in sight.


The Pohnpei Surf Club is the only dive operation in Pohnpei with a great fleet of boats and staff.


Nemo found.

Pohnpei Surf Season, Hotel, Flights, Boats, El Nino. All looking good.

Peak season and a rare really big day at Palikir. Between lots of 4 to 6 ft. days there will always be a big bomb swell. Things have been really different this summer.

It is an island. One side is on shore, the other side must be off shore. As clean as it gets.


Pohnpei Surf Club season 2015/16
Our new location just keeps getting better.
The 7 new rooms are the best on island, ocean front, great view all double rooms with double and queen sized beds, freezing cold AC, Wi-Fi, TV, a ship telescope for surf checks just down the hall, Bar and restaurant at walking distance, Pohnpei Surf Club office next to the rooms, food delivered to your room from 5 am on (other restaurants in Pohnpei don’t even open until 7 am) and walking distance to the best fleet of boats on island.
The food.
Our restaurant just opened adjacent to the bar around 50 meters from the rooms as a sushi joint (yes, we have to work hard to get the tunas in for a fresh sashimi). As right now, late August the restaurant is only open for dinner but there are improvements and upgrades for surf season 2015/16. There are three other restaurants at walking distance and another 5 restaurants a short taxi drive away. Breakfast and boat take outs can be delivered to your room from 5 am on from Arnolds just around the corner and one of the best restaurants on island. Local vendors, super markets and small stores are also located a short walk or taxi ride from our new location.
They are not 5 star live aboard but they sure do the job. Palikir Pass (P-Pass) located 8 miles from our dock is a short 10 to 15 minutes boat ride away. We do one or multiple boats trips at different times based on weather, surf and the number of guests we have in the house. Shade, drinking water, banana bread and cold coconuts always on board! Our pilots are the best when it comes to surf and safety. We have never had to have a boat towed or rescued (awesome maintenance!) and even if it happens that a motor failed we have a large network of boats and friend who would come after us in minutes. Boats leave when expected and always back in time for happy hour and dinner.
The wave.
It has not changes but with El Nino in sight anything can happen. During our 2015 summer more typhoon rolled through then we could ever remember in our 12 years here. These storm generated seas and swells of around 15 to 20 ft heading west. Once those lows start moving east it will be a totally different story. El Nino means dryer and less wind for Micronesia. Just add some swells to some amazing set ups and we can’t wait to see what is going to happen. Early season should be a very interesting one. As late august, early September there are more swells around Pohnpei than we have seen in the past 12 years and it is almost one month before summer is over. For the first two weeks of September a series of north to Northeast swell with be hitting Pohnpei shores almost every day on the fun size from head high to overhead/double overhead.
Flying to Pohnpei.
It was never easy, but the rewards are worth it. That’s what makes this place so uncrowded. Thanks United! Booking flight in advance are a must for seats available and better deals on flights. I few of my friends have got the best deals to fly here from California booking in advance from US$799 to $975 from LA! Book Early! From Australia the way to get here now days is with a new airline called Nauru Airlines flying out of Brisbane once a week. World Surfaris can get you the best deal with Nauru Airlines at around ASD$2,300 boards included. No more overnighting in Cairns and less domestic flights for most in Australia. United has just terminated its service to Cairns, so no more….
Nauru Airlines has one flight a week so again, book early and same for the rooms at our locations. With divers, tourists and business people, first come first serve. I like surfers better but got to keep in business. I rather you guys staying here!

And a fish here and there….

We have never seen so many big swells in the summer but the westerly monsoon winds have not helped at Palikir. At the mean time we enjoy some east side fun surf.

Possibly epic conditions for Pohnpei/P-Pass, Mid Summer fun around Friday, the 20th of August.

As the typhoon moves away it will be pulling winds straight form the south, or as clean as it gets.

Based on todays forecast, it should be something like this. With a bit of west on all swells/all days it will be a lot more barrels than turns.


As todays forecast a double typhoon will be spinning around 1000 miles north of Pohnpei for a few days possibly sending us some excellent surfing conditions as swells and winds go. As today there are no surfers on island or booked. Swells like this are very rare this time of the year. For more information please check our page on Facebook or e-mail us at pscsurfclub@yahoo.com

I have never seen a double typhoon like this. Position looking good and it could get a lot better.

Not a bad forecast. I could surf it on my own but thought I would put the word out for those who always call me for these conditions.

The Pohnpei Surf Club has just partnered with El Nino for a great season 2015/16.

The new restaurant/sushi bar has just opened for business and will be our closest and most possible best bet or a good meal. Only a few steps from our office and rooms.

Mid summer typhoons. Just wondering what El Nino holds for us!

Waiting for the return of some fun days. Yes, that is Andy back in the day making it look so easy. Pic by DJ Strunt.

A few days later swells remain. Maybe two surfers around, no photographers so here is an I-Phone pic.


The view from our office remains the same and the forecast, does not look bad at all!


Should had gone on the second wave of the set. Another typhoon swell from the west.


The view from the kitchen window. Not bad.

This is where we spend a lot of time during our summer days.

Mid July typhoon swells.


The first stage of the restaurant and more up grades to come.


As weather goes things are looking good for the western pacific for surf season 2015/16. You must have heard El Nino is strengthening and it’s all starting over us and around Micronesia where a series of powerful typhoons have developed since late spring into summer pushing a lot of warm water to the central pacific. El Nino for us in Pohnpei means light winds and less rain than usual. With all this warm water around combined with cold air coming of Japan we have the perfect fuel for those low pressure systems forming in the western pacific which are the perfect surf generating storms for Pohnpei.

We can’t control the weather but we cantor how we run our show here and in Pohnpei we are doing pretty well at our new location, boats, back up boats, new restaurant and boat gas station. It all just gets better and faster for us to get you to the surf and back safely and in comfort or as good as it will get on the island of Pohnpei.

Our restaurant has just opened late July and it is going through its final fine tuning before it is 100% operational before the surf season.

The hotel still remains with only 7 double rooms and a new airline, Nauruair is now flying in from Brisbane through Fiji, Tarawa, Majuro, Nauro, and Kosrae to Pohnpei once a week. United Airlines is still the only other option from Honolulu, Guam or Cairns.

Flights and rooms are very limited so our advice is to book early to guarantee the best location in Pohnpei and the best deals on flights.

Pohnpei still is a bit more expensive place to flight, meaning less people in the water. For those who pay the price, the rewards awaits you here.

Mid July had some decent days at Palikir courtesy of El Nino and some typhoons on the western pacific.

The new boats gas and go gas station is right next door to our office just making things more convenient, fast and safe for our all days out.

The main difference between Pohnpei and other tourist destinations….you get it all for your self.

I know I have posted this picture of Ahnd Atoll by Swilly many times but every time I go through it I feel like showing everyone this amazing Pohnpei moment.

Mermaid in paradise.


What could I saw about this picture? You got to be there to see and understand it.


To really see the best of Pohnpei, you got to get in a boat and explore.


Lined up perfection.


Draw your own lines and conclusions.

Nauru Airlines starting flight to Pohnpei from Australia.

Nauru Airlines to start service to Pohnpei this June with flights leaving Brisbane on Fridays at 7:00 am and arriving in Pohnpei at 8:45 pm same day after island hopping south and north pacific islands.
The return flights will be leaving Pohnpei at 7:00 am on Sunday arriving in Brisbane at 5:25 pm same day.
For guests coming from Australia that will avoid the domestic flight and overnight at Cairns on return plus no domestic flight fare and another option if flight are full and to expensive specially for those last minute bookings not to mention a more affordable surfboard luggage fee.
Packages for the Pohnpei Surf Club will be for 10 and 17 nights. Because of the late arrival on your first day and early departure on last day, late check in and early check out will apply meaning you don’t pay for your half missed arrival day or last day early departure in the morning meaning 9 or 16 nights paid instead of 10 or 17 nights.
The Pohnpei Surf Club is in talks with Nauru Airlines and will do our best to package your flight, sleep and surf all inclusive at the best possible rates.
More news on this event soon

A new airline flying into Pohnpei will open great connections with Australia, Fiji, Kosrae, Majuro, Nauru and other pacific island.


Why Pohnpei? Here are a few reasons.

There are hardly any beaches on the main island of Pohnpei but the ones near by make up for it.

On island things to do after a day on the water. Cupids Bar and Grill for some great drinks and meal and the best sunset on the island of Pohnpei.


Coming back from an evening boat ride to the surf, dive, fish or just cruising around.


On the way to Nan Madol.


Waves aren’t bad either.


There are plenty blue holes in Pohnpei but we hardly ever stop there, just cause there are lots of better things to experience.


The pass and Ahnd Atoll. Must be there and see it.

More season 2014/15 moments from Pohnpei, Micronesia, 96941.

Laura Evener feeling at home in Pohnpei

Sunset from the rooms, boats are just downstairs, bar a few meters away and everything good about Pohnpei all around. Location, Location, Location. Yes, we got it.


For those who wake up early enough, the sun raise at Palikir.


The Marina. Our dock to the right, the hotel to the left, and the bar in between is the gathering place for visitors and locals a like.