Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, Caroline Islands

What a incredible season 2009/10 was!

We sure are looking forward to another epic early season in 2010 like we had in 2009. So many good days were surfed under perfect weather conditions. More waves were surfed and found from August to November then we had in our previous 5 seasons combined.

Everything else on the island remains beautiful and serene, and we here at the Pohnpei Surf Club are happy to be part of this adventure and to be able to share it with our guests.

Starting May, 2010, we’re fixing and upgrading our boats and facilities, and looking forward for those clean and glassy early season days.

For the most recent information on what is going on in Pohnpei, the surf and mostly everything around the ocean, please check our Captains Log at http://www.pohnpeisurfclub.com/captains_log/

Pohnpei Surf Club…”The Ultimate Surf Strike-Mission Setup”
Surfing and Tracks Magazine, April 2009.

Pohnpei Surf Club…”One of the Best 5 Surf Camps in the World”
Fluir Magazine, June 2009

Attention please:

Flights still remain busy, especially for last second flights. Since January 2009 there has been a very high increase in demand for the flights from Cairns to Guam. During our mid and late 2009 season we were not able to get a single guest on this flight from Australia. The only surfers who made it here in time for the empty line ups were the ones who had booked a few months in advance.

Starting October 01, 2009, Continental Airlines (now United Airlines) cut two flights a week on the Cairns/Guam route. We are expecting full flights and shortage of availability on the Cairns/Guam route (both ways), especially for last minute bookings.

Welcome to Pohnpei and the Pohnpei Surf Club — your gateway to Western Pacific surf exploration.

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