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Most of our fishing is done outside the reef, casting, trolling and deep sea fishing. Most fish caught in Pohnpei when deep sea fishing are skip jack (aku), yellow fin tuna (ahi), Wahoo (ono), mahi mahi, sail fish, marlin, dog tooth tuna and rainbow runners. Our trolling is done anywhere from the drop offs all the way to Ant and Pakin Atolls, up top 30 miles off shore.

The Pohnpei Surf Club is winner of local and international fishing tournaments and has hosted fishing magazines and TV shows such as Hawaii Goes Fishing TV show, Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine and TV Show two years in a row and many articles in Hawaii Fishing News Magazine. When we asked Ben Wong (co-producer for Hawaii Goes Fishing) on how good his fishing trip to Pohnpei was or how he would compare Pohnpei to one of the many other good fishing destinations he had been to, he told us his fishing trip to Pohnpei was as good as the best he had ever been too. That's a lot coming from someone who has fished all over the Pacific with the best charters.

The Pohnpei Surf Club does fishing trips and also works with other local fishermen who can take you out on half or all day fishing charters.

For more information please call 691 320 7845 or e-mail pscsurfclub@yahoo.com.

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