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Windy days on a Aviso 5’5

When not being abused by Ian or his 14 years old little brother Frank, Tom is ripping it on a borrowed 5'5 Aviso fish.

Captain Steve

Captain Steve is in LOVE!

Lino from Australia

Windy My Ass!

Windy My Ass!

Lou from Guam/Calfifornia.

There is Tom again.

There is Tom Again.

Tom. Cool angle.

Father Greg, son Frank and the reef at Palikir Pass

Father Greg, son Frank and the reef at Palikir Pass

At least that is what some magazines like to say. Pohnpei is windy. Forecasts were calling 15 to 20 mph. What they do not take in account is that the wave wraps into the wind and the wind goes straight off shore. Also, a lot of small local weather systems usually kill the winds and that is something no surf forecast will show.
Guest Ian Powell (no relation to Collin Powell AT ALL) brought with him a 5’5 Aviso Lost Fish. That board is so small I asked him to give it to my 2 years old daughter (he didn’t).
Guests were taking turn riding the 5’5 and loving it even on the bigger 6 ft sets. These pictures are from a few days ago, maybe around the 15th of January. We have not gone for more then a week without surf for as far as I can remember and there is more swell on the way. All pictures by Ian Powell.

Geoff from California

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  1. Brad Golden says:

    Well it looks like you are making good use of Ians little 5’5 honey!! Everyones gettin a turn with her!!! looks like you guys are scoring some pretty fun goodies before you get some more Slab-tastic meat grinders later this week. Hope youve been stretching and practicing your underwater yoga moves… .get on it!


  2. capitao says:

    Thank’s Brad. Looks like you recovered well from your acident…

  3. Tim Whatmore says:

    Hey Alloise,
    looks like its a re-run of last year.Can’t beleive its been 12mths since we were there. The waves were pumping then. The trip of a life time. We will be back, although Ian’s wife is expecting twins.
    Surf time may be on hold for a while.
    I’ll continue to check out the great waves and wishing it was me.
    The goldie if flat and has been bad for months.
    My best wishes to all, hope to get there soon Regards Tim

  4. capitao says:

    Hi Tim. Good to hear from you and thank’s for keeping in touch. It has been non stop surf. Not a week goes by without some surf. Guess all north pacific is doing the same. TO bad for the Goldie. That is why you come here that time of the year.
    Keep in touch…Allois

  5. Nick says:

    Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, love the story about the Aviso….

    Great shots Ian, keep the updates coming!!

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